Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Hubby Jay & Bobby-Bobtail

This is my sweet and sometimes ornery husband Jay, with our precious little bob-tailed kitten "BOB". Jay works at a big factory that makes railcars and this kitten, 7 other babies and the mother cat were living there. He rescued the mama and her 8 babies the day after the kittens were born.
So now we have all these adorable kittens running around....and little Bobby Bob-Tail is one of our favorites. He's a keeper!!!
Each kitten has a distinct personality and we love them all!!! Bob loved playing in the snow..he ran and jumped and pushed the snow around with his paws....It was the cutest thing ever!!! He is a tree climber too. He goes up so high in the trees that we fear he won't be able to get back down, but he always does!!! Out of the 8 kittens, 2 of them had bobbed tails, 2 had little crimped tails with "J's" on the end and 4 had perfectly normal tails. I had never seen such a large litter of kittens or with such a unique mix of tails. Our kitties are outdoor pets they have a heated pen outside for when it is cold and DO NOT come into contact with any of the materials I use for creating my pretties.

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