Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am very pleased to announce that Cynthia from Beauty & Blessings is the winner of the free drawing for this lovely item! I added an entry for each of my blog followers, and another entry for each separate comment you left for me!
Cynthia had the most entries with 8 total so she had super odds of winning! I will do more of these drawings from time to time so keep on checking back. Plus my sweet followers...remember when you stop in to leave a comment on any one of my postings or all of them if you want will get a separate entry into the free giveaway for EACH comment!!!
Love and hugs to each and everyone of you!!! The next drawing will be coming up, so be sure and visit often to watch for it!!!

Vintage Wedding/Bride Images Free For You!!

Beautiful Antique Bride Photo
In celebration of my son's wedding yesterday which turned out beautifully, I am sharing some vintage and antique inspired Bridal/Wedding images with you! You are free to click on them to make them larger and then save them for use in your very own creative projects! I hope you will share you creations with me and allow me to post them on my blog. Just email pics of your creations to! Thank you and blessed creating!!!
Beautiful Victorian Bride Illustration
Wonderful Vintage Colorized Wedding Photo
Adorable Vintage Kitty Cat Groom
Cutest Little Vintage Bride Kitty Cat
Hope you enjoy the images & don't forget send me pics of your creations to share on my blog.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Free Vintage Images For You To Use!!!

Adorable Frances Brundage Valentine! Just click on the image to make larger then right click to save!
Precious Vintage Postcard Image Puppy In a Basket of Forget me Nots!
Little Sweethearts Under the Umbrella, Vintage Postcard Image
Little Cutie w/ Teddy Bear Vintage Postcard Image !

Victorian Girl w/Basket of Roses Vintage Postcard Image!
Just remember to click on the image to enlarge it and then right click to "save as" to save it to your files. Please feel free to use the images in any way you wish! I would love to see anything you create from them...Just send me a pic to my email  address: With your permission I would love to include pics of your creations on my blog!

More Freebies For You!

                    Adorable Vintage Alice In Wonderful Book Cover Illustration! 
                         Be sure to click on the image to make it larger for saving!
Vintage Children's Book Cover Illustration

Sweet Vintage Painting of Little Girl in Orange & Aqua

This beauty was taken from a vintage shampoo add!

Lovely Vintage Frances Brundage Postcard Image!
Feel free to use these in anyway you like, and please send me pics to post of your creations with full credit to you to with a brief description of what you would like said on the posting!

~*Free Vintage Images For You*~

A beautiful vintage image of a lady in red!
Just click on the image to make it larger so you can save it to use in any way you wish! Please feel free to right click and save for your use any of the images in this group! I hope to be sharing images with you from time to time now! My way of giving back to all of of you who so generously share your image with others!
A vintage Winsch postcard image!

A sweet vintage Valentine w/Beautiful Yellow Roses
I just love the vintage Easter postcards!
Vintage Tuck Postcard! A lovely image with beautiful detailing!
A sweet little vintage Heinz ad! Be sure to click on the images to enlarge for saving!
I hope you enjoy these and find neat creative uses for them! Please email me or post a comments and let me know about your creations using any of my images!  My email address is: I would love for you to share pics of your wonderful creations with me, and with your permission share them on my blog as well! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sharing a Little of Myself With My Blog Friends

I wanted to share a little piece of me with all of you. This is my living room that I redecorated myself in a sort of retro french country shabby cottage style sort of way. Everything in the room was found in antique stores and flea markets. I made the curtains myself using wonderful fabric that I found for only $1.00 a yard. All of the furnishings came from a retired doctors Victorian style home and had been in his formal living room that was rarely used.  The funky high backed chairs are my favorite with their blue and green velvet striped fabric. I love the mix of funky retro and that sort of french country. I love the golds and greens and blues and all of  the vintage colored glass.
   My bedroom is my pretty shabby cottage room. I painted the walls a lovely orchid inspired purple. I have a nice collection of antique quilts and vintage chenilles that I just love to alternate between when dressing up my bed. 
  The amazing antique quilt shown in nearly 100 years old and was hand stitched by my great grandmother. It is amazing, and I was in awe of it when my mother gave it to me about 2 years ago. It is a beautiful masterpiece of hand stitches done with love. It is wonderful condition and was very loved and well taken care of all of these years.
  After receiving that quilt from my mother my husband & I decided the handwork and old antique and vintage fabrics were amazing. We started collecting and have been very blessed in finding some amazing handiwork for bargain prices. It does something special for me to hold these pieces in my hands and image the people who made these beautiful masterpieces to keep their families warm.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Looking Forward to the Springtime!!!

I am so excited for spring this year. So many projects I would love to get completed. We have plans to "shabby cottage chic" my kitchen. I have chosen a very soft pink for the walls, and antique white with an aging treatment on my cabinets,and mounted in the center of each cabinet door there with be a framed print of vintage pink roses. We have collected many of the antique crystal/glass doorknobs and those will be my kitchen cabinet knobs. We have also acquired some old barn wood that will be whitewashed and then laid down as my countertops with heavy coats of lacquer on top to protect the wood.I saw this done on a home improvement show and it was beautiful! Hoping to get a new farmhouse styled sink as well. New hard wood flooring to top it all off!
I have this vision of it my head and can hardly wait until it is completed. I just know it will be beautiful.
Outdoors will be fun too this flowers and new flower beds. I plant something new every year. Annuals and perennials all around. We have started a brick walkway that leads from the house to the shed, and want to continue it out to the firepit. We want to make a big circle of the bricks around the firepit and have seating around that as well. Along the sides of the brick pathway I want to plant all sorts of perennials. Delphiniums, floxglove, and more of my favorites like bleeding hearts and lily of the valley. It will be lovely!
These are just a few of many reasons I am so looking forward to springtime and the warmer weather it brings. Just to open up the windows and let the breezes blow through the house will be just wonderful and so refreshing!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Offerings In My Ebay Store & Shop by Debi Jo Artwork

These amazingly beautiful pieces of altered artwork are done by a very sweet friend. Her name is Debi jo Ford of Debi Jo Artwork!
She uses some of my fabric blocks that I sell in my Ebay store and repaints and embellishes them with beautiful details. Bridal laces, vintage laces, rhinestone brooches and more and then sells them as framed prints that are just amazing.

I am blessed enough to have one of her beautiful framed pieces of arwork called Cakeabelle in my home!

Cakeabelle is the
framed print to the

The other beautiful
embellished prints
are available
lovingly reproduced
onto 100% premium cotton fabric that is colorfast
treated. I have then available in my shop JRaesShabbyCottageDesigns. They look amazing when sewn into your very own creative projects such as pillows, sachets, quilts, table runners, placemats and more!

I also do special orders using any of these blocks. I am currently working on a special project for Miss Debi Jo herself using her very own beautiful artwork reproduced and sewn into a quilt.

For more infomation on Debi Jo Artwork please just leave me a request by leaving a blog comment with your email address.

There are links to all 3 of my shops to the right if you want to see more of my offerings!

Monday, February 1, 2010


The time is here for my free drawing for this lovely hanging heart lavender sachet pillow! It smells wonderful and is made with vintage chenilles, antique laces, and a reproduction of a REAL antique colorized photo of an adorable little girl. This is a large sachet measuring approx. 24 inches in length when hanging!

The drawing will be held on February 28th, 2010.

To enter the drawing simply become a a follower of my blog. For each comment you leave on my blog(starting from today, previous comments don't count) I will add another entry in your name. So that means you need to be one of my blog followers for one entry, and for each comment you leave you will be given additional entries in the drawing!

Good luck and God Bless!!

When the drawing is over I will email the winner and you will need to provide me with information on where to send you prize!

My Sweet Grandbabies w/ Mommy & Daddy too!

Well here they are, my sweet son and his precious little family!
Jared, my son, 27 years old, Rachel, my daughter in law, their oldest son Jeremiah, and the baby Draven!

I just love all of these pics. They all look so sweet!
The babies are such a joy and always a wonderful source of entertainment! You just never know what Jeremiah will say next. He is a corker that one!!
Draven is starting to cute. He toddles around with his short little legs and it is hard to believe someone so little is walking around the house! What fun it is to have then around!
Grandma loves you all so much!!!

My New Online Shop

A very sweet fellow ebayer contacted me with infomation on a new site for me to sell my pretties! It is called ArtFire and you can access it by going to My new shop name is of course JRaesShabbyCottageDesigns. It has to be typed in just like it is shown here with no punctuation and no spaces. I only have a few items listed there right now, but will be adding new items daily. It is a great site with lots of hand created art, jewelry, decorative items and more. I will be adding a link to the right of this page to access my shop directly! Hope you have a super blessed day!