Saturday, April 23, 2011

***~In Honor Of Easter...Some Free Images For You~***

Beautiful Vintage Easter Postcard

Vintage Easter Chicky Postcard

Adorable vintage Easter Illustration

Gorgeous vintage Easter Postcard

Adorable Chickies Vintage Easter Postcard
Hope you enjoy these images in honor of Easter, and what our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ did for us! He died on the cross to save us from our sins, and he rose again to be ever present in our lives! He lives!!! Rejoice Rejoice!!! For He lives!!
Just left click on the images to enlarge them, and then right click to "save as". Please leave me a comment if you save the images just because I like to know you find them useful. I only ask that you do not reproduce them as they are for resale as prints, digital downloads, or fabric blocks. But feel free to use them in your own altered art creations for resale.
  I would love love love to share anything that you may create with my please email me photos of your creations to with a brief description that I can include here on my blog! Hope you enjoy the images...have a blessed Easter!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

~~*How Cheerleaders For Jesus Came About*~~

This is the logo I designed for our Ladies Group "Cheerleaders for Jesus"!
 One night at church our precious Pastor's wife Teresa, who is also my aunt, was leading our praise and worship testimonies and singing. She was so joy enthusiastic and filled with pep and joy overflowing. The way she was moving her arms reminded me of a cheerleader.
  In our little church we are all encouraged and allowed to speak up when God puts something on our hearts to do so. So I spoke up and're a cheerleader for Jesus!!! It all blossomed from there.     
   Now previous to this we ladies had met one time for a luncheon and had decided it was something we would do once a month for fellowship and a wonderful time in the Lord. So it all came together that we would start a ladies group called "Cheerleaders For Jesus", meet once a month for lunch in the fellowship hall, after lunch we make handcrafted items, to use in these lovely gift baskets that will be taken to someone who is sick, shut in, hurting emotionally, or wherever God sends us. We also include other items like little cookies, crackers, lotions and pretties in the baskets.
   So far we have made pretty Christian inspirational bookmarks, refrigerator magnets and little sachet cupcakes from vintage chenille. Since I am the one in the group that loves to do the crafty things and I have an abundance of crafting supplies and ideas, I have been blessed to be the leader of the crafting portion of the meetings. Right down my alley!!! I love love love it, and have been so truly blessed to see some of the ladies "come out of their shells".
  There is an amazing older lady in the group, she is a beautiful spirit that always fills us with such joy to be around her. Watching her make the crafts is a heartwarming experience as you can see the sparkle in her eyes, and she reminds me of a sweet child just learning to do something wonderful!!!
Here are some photos of us girls and the recipients of the baskets that we cheerleaders make and deliver to these precious people!
Our Pastor's beautiful wife Teresa

Beautiful Cheerleader for Jesus, Sister Sheila 
Precious Cheerleader for Jesus, Sister Betty

Cheerleaders for Jesus, & my sweet daughter in law and her mother, (l) Sister Rachel, (r) Sister Kathy! In the background is Sister Sandra!!!

                     Recipients of the Cheerleaders for Jesus gift baskets:
This precious lady has cancer and is mainly homebound.

These beautiful people are a Pastor and his wife. He is in his 90's and still preaching God's word when he feels well enough to do so. He has been very ill lately suffering with heart failure. She has back injuries and other ailments that prevent her from getting around very well.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

~*~Time for some more FREEBIES for you!!!*~*

 Hello there all of my wonderful and faithful followers!! It's time for some more free images for you! I am so pleased that I am now only 14 beautiful people away from having 100 followers! When I reach 100 I will do a FREE give-a-way of one of my one of a kind creations! HURRAY!!!
  To save the images just click on them to enlarge, and then right click to "save as". I only ask that you do not reproduce the images in their original form to resale as prints, fabric blocks, or digital images. But, please feel free to use them and print them as many times as you like for your own creations or altered art for resale. Thank you so much! I appreciate each and every one of you!! ENJOY!!!
Sir John Tenniel Alice In Wonderland Illustration

Beautiful Vintage Painting Mother & Daughter

Harrison Fisher American Beauty

Sweet Vintage Postcard Print Bunny Baby In a Hat Box

Beautiful Vintage Colorized Photo Boy & Girl
I hope you enjoy and are able to use some of these free vintage prints in your very own creations! I would love to see your & share your work here on my blog , so please email me any photos of the things you make with my free prints to with a brief description. If you item is for sale I will advertise that for free for you!!!
Also if you save the images please leave me a comment!! I would love to know that you find the images useful in your own artwork and creations! Thanks so very much!! I pray you all have a truly blessed day!!!