Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Joys Of Springtime in Our Garden

What a joy springtime is....and I am so blessed to have God's beautiful creation surrounding me every spring. We plant what we love. We don't follow any special guidelines of what looks good with what or where it may look best..we simply plant what we love...and I think the results are amazing!!! I love the informal gardens the best of all.
I knew nothing about gardening, and my sweet hubby taught me so much!!! Every year we add new annuals and perennials to our gardens. I have a dream of natural stone walkways leading to each separate garden area with flowers planted along the path...and I just know it will get there some day.
The sweet dogwood tree was here when we bought this place and it is also one of the first to bloom in spring. It's arms reach down across the yard where one of those pathways will someday be. We planted the beautiful nectarine tree with the lovely pink blossoms about 2 years ago. We have yet to taste of it's sweet fruits because deer from a wooded area across the road like to come and dine on them at night as we sleep.
The beautiful white wisteria was here among some brambles along a fence row and we cleared around it so it could flourish and it has become one of my favorites with it's draping blossoms. The columbine is such a beautiful delicate flower I look forward to it coming back every single year. What joy a garden brings....a closeness and deep love and respect for our creator....he created so many amazing things. Thank You Lord for Springtime!!!

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