Saturday, August 21, 2010

My New Shabby Cottage Studio

 Back in May, my youngest son Tyler turned 18 and moved out. Booo hoooo!!! He graduates this year, and I was so hoping it would choose to stay home with us until he graduated at least! But no, he was grasping for adulthood and independence and moved in with a group of friends.
Well this is both good and bad. I am sad that he is not here all the time, but he is learning that being at home was not such a bad thing, and he is learning to appreciate moms cooking that he was so picky about when he was living here.
Another good thing has come from all of this!!! For the past 5 years since I have been creating pretties and selling them on various sites, I have been working from my dining room that has been set up as my studio/workspace! Now, I have redone my son's "dungeon". I call it this because he had it painted a dark gray and all of his accessories were black...YUCK!!! Now it is the softest pink I could find....with white and darker pink accents. My sweet shabby studio!
It is a bit smaller space and it is taking some adjusting learning to work and move around in a rhythmic flow, but it sure turned out pretty! I have my dining room back, and now can have more people over for family dinners. We had been entertaining on fold out tables in our living room for the past few years, and children had been eating at the coffee table. I also get to start my kitchen/dining room remodel now!!!! Hurray!!!! Here are a few pics of the new workspace!
These dark pink shelves were a soft yellow when they were in my kitchen. Things are stacked a bit higher and I have a fold out step stool so that I can reach the things at the top. My mother recently donated a set of white organdy drapes that were perfect for hanging in this room!!
The little spot in the corner with the lamp and decorated top hat is where I take photos of my stuff for listing on the different sites I sell my wares on. I left the wall above that area open for hanging the items to take pics as well. I used an old school desk with an antique hand stitched quilt to cover it. 
This is a shot of my table and the closet door in this room. My husband installed and antique door knob and backplate on it for me. I have also added a gorgeous pink cast iron hanger in the shape of an antique key to the door since this pic was taken for hanging and taking photos of my pretties. I made the lovely shabby cottage chic banner at the top of the door. It was my very first attempt at a banner & it was so much fun and turned out ohhhh soo pretty!!
I took and old wooden table that our neighbor gave us that was being used in my kitchen area, painted it white and added this vintage table cloth trimmed in pink. It features a different type of flower for every month of the year. I got this table cloth for 25 cents at a yard sale, brought it home and soaked it and it turned out beautifully!!! This my work surface with my machine and my cutting and assembling area all in one!!
The little girl in me came out when I designed this room! Having 4 boys, I did not get to do a lot of pretty pink that all came out in this room!!! The white organdy curtains are perfect in here, they are light and airy, and still let in all the natural light! The pink vintage bridesmaid dress was discovered at a yard sale for $5. When I found it my intention was to cut it and use all the fancy lace and fabric in other projects...but it is so beautiful I decided to hang it and display it instead!!!  My little Xavier Roberts Bunny Bees are a vintage treasure as well. I remember my exes mother collected all sorts of Cabbage Patch stuff many years ago. I always loved her Bunny Bees, so when I spotted the blue one at a flea market for only $3 I had to have it...then I found the pink one on...where else?.....ebay!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

*~*Time For Some New Images For You*~*

 So sorry that I have not kept up with sharing new images with all of you! Life gets busy sometimes, and I have a lot going on right now. My hubby & I are currently remodeling the room my youngest son moved out of recently. Right now my studio is set up in my dining room and has been for nearly 5 years now. So we are busy making the room into my studio. Shabby cottage style of course!!! Soon I will have my very own workspace and have my dining room back! That will sure make it nicer for family get togethers.
   I am also working as church secretary and preschool Sunday school teacher at Harvest Time Church in Gainesville, Arkansas. I just love my job duties at the little church, and that takes quite a bit of my time....but I love it and i wouldn't want it any other way! The Lord does so much for me each and every day, and I wish I could do more to give just a little back to Him!
  So here are your images for today, just click on them to enlarge and then right click to "save as".  Please feel free to use them in your projects whether they are for yourself or for sale. All I ask is that you don't sell the images themselves as prints or fabric blocks! Thanks so much! Have a truly blessed day!

This is the sweetest little vintage Valentine!
Another sweet vintage Valentine!

Sweet Vintage Postcard!
Cutie in a hat box!
 Vintage 1950's Baby Greeting Card
That is my selection for today! Please remember to leave me a comment if you save any of the images! I love to see and share your projects too! So if you create something using any of the images I share please email me pics and descriptions to! If you look at previous posts you can see some of the neat things others have created using the images! Enjoy & Create!!!