Saturday, June 23, 2012

*~~Some New Freebies For You~~*

   I'll just bet you're all ready for some new freebies; well here they are! Just left click to enlarge the image, then right click to save as! Remember I ask that you now sell the images as they are in their current state. Do not sell prints, digital prints, collage sheets containing the images, of fabric blocks. Feel free however, use the images in any altered art form in craft projects etc for resell in forums such as etsy, artfire, ebay. Use as many times as you like for your own personal use as well.
  I would love to see the items you create using the images so please email any neat pics along with a brief description to I'll post them here on my blog for a little free advertising if you are selling or just to display the pretties you make for you own use to all my followers for their enjoyment!
Happy crafting! Blessings n hugs, Julie
Harrison Fisher Beauty

Vintage Postcard Cutie

Png file w transparent background!

Pretty little girl w daisy chains!

Sweet Vintage Valentine!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

   I am so disappointed that for right now I can't have the beautiful inspirational Christian music on my blog. Playlist has decided to start a new website in which you can no longer share you playlist on your own websites. SO, I am in search of another site that has something similar to what Playlist used to be. A lot of people are complaining already and letting Playlist know they have made a mistake and leaving their site to find others that will allow us to share! I've been using Playlist for at least 2-3 years and it came as quite a surprise that they did this.
   So many times I just logged into my blog and listened to my playlist as I was doing my housework, and I know that you, my precious followers enjoyed it as well. I am so sorry for this development, but will be searching for a new musical venue to share here on my blog. If anyone knows of one, or how I can add at least one great song to my blog please send me info to or leave me a comment here! Thanks so much and God Bless You each and every one!
  Update: Well I found another music sharing site, but it doesn't allow the embedding of most of the songs I love. I did manage to find a few very uplifting songs though! I hope you enjoy them as you are browsing my blog!