Sunday, February 17, 2013

Time to share more free vintage images with you!  I mean to do this much more frequently than I seem to find the time to do. I hope you forgive me for neglecting it from time to time as projects keep me from taking the time to find you more wonderful images...  Today we celebrate beautiful ladies from days gone by and their lovely fashions!
Strevens Beauty

Gorgeous Sunny Beauty

Lovely Victorian Ladies

Victorian Beauty in Soft Yellow

Beautiful Vintage Fashion Print
  Remember as in previous posts, you click on the image to enlarge it...then right click to "save as" to save it to your own files.  Also please do not resell the images in the form that I have given them to you. Do not reproduce them as digital prints, part of a digital collage sheet, fabric blocks, regular prints as they are presented to you etc... But, feel free to alter them in your crafting projects for resell.