Saturday, December 8, 2012

~*~ HURRAY! It's time for some new freebies for you! ~*~

   Christmas is fastly approaching and it's time for some wonderful old vintage Christmas images for you to use in your very own projects!   Simply click on the images to enlarge them, then right click to "save as" and you're all set to use them for Christmas tags, cards, altered art etc.  
   Have fun creating and don't forget to leave me a comment or share photos and a brief description of what you've made using the images! Just email pics to me at, and leave comments here!
   The only thing I ask is that you don't resell the images as they are in this form as prints, fabric blocks, digital downloads etc. You are free to sell them after you have altered them or used them to make pillows, sachets etc... Thank you so much & enjoy making pretties!

Most these prints are from vintage postcards or ads and they all have sweet charm and character! Enjoy creating beautiful things, and come back from time to time to check out my new freebies and other fun stuff! Hope you all have a beautifully blessed Christmas full of joy and laughter and precious moments together!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

**We're Coming Into The Holiday Season! Let's Celebrate With Some New Freebies!!**

   Here we are again approaching that wonderful time of year! I can already picture the turkey fresh out of the oven and family gathering around for the feast. Just a few days later getting all my Christmas decor out and deciding just how I want to embellish my little cottage for Christmas. 
   I love setting up my tree and getting it just the way I want it. I change it every few years. Last year we went from white lights, blue, green and gold ornaments to colored lights and all the colors of the rainbow for ornaments. I will be adding to that again this year.
   Love making Christmas candy too. My specialties are chocolate covered almond toffee and peanut brittle. I'm crazy about divinity too, but not so good at making it so I usually purchase some to splurge and enjoy.
  I always do a traditional dinner for Thanksgiving, but for Christmas for the past several years I got tired of the same old thing so I started making a Mexican themed feast with shredded beef taquitoes, homemade guacamole, chicken & monterey jack quesadilas with green chile peppers. Layered bean dip with warmed corn tortilla chips. Oh my it all sounds so good.
   Then the next year I would change it up a bit by making homemade tamales trying my hardest to find wonderful traditional recipes. I also love making homemade pies of all kinds and of course gingerbread cookies.  
   I have 4 wonderful sons and they all love the family get togethers. They all would put in their requests for what kind of pie or cookie or candy they wanted mom to make. One loves Reeses peanut butter cup pie, while another wants banana cream. My youngest loves no bake cookies so of course I had to make those.
   This year, things have changed. Somewhat saddened that 3 out of 4 of my babies and my beautiful daughter in law and 3 of my grandbabies have moved over 300 miles away to the other side of Arkansas. We have no plans to get together for Christmas this year anyway. 
    My hubby has vowed to take me out to a nice dinner for Christmas and give me a "break" from the weeks of preparation that surround the usual Christmas feast. I don't really want the break, and I have not told him how heart breaking it is to me.
  I'll still make my Christmas candies, and cookies, and maybe send little care packages containing candy and gifts to my babies and grandbabies. It just won't be the same with them so far away. Okay, now I'm all teary eyed thinking of my lonely Christmas.
  I will focus more on Jesus this year. That's what it's all about anyway! Maybe the Lord will use me in a special way to help some family in need since my own family is far away! Whatever the holidays hold for me, I trust that God knows just what he is doing! Love you all and God Bless you now and throughout the holidays! 
   I'm giving you all a double portion of freebies today!!! So excited to share 10 wonderful vintage Christmas images and backgrounds with you! Simply click on the image to enlarge it, then right click to "save as". You know I love to share but I also love to hear from you in the comments about what images you are using. I would also love to feature you wonderful works using the images in a blog post. Just email images and a brief description to Enjoy making wonderful things with the images!!!

Sweet little Charlot Byj Image

Another cutie by Charlot Byj

A cute Christmas background!
A Wonderful Old Book Cover!

Vintage Christmas Postcard Cuties!

Beautiful Christmas Angels w Baby Jesus Vintage Christmas Postcard

Vintage Christmas Postcard Cutie
Sweet Christmas Morning Vintage Postcard
Precious Ellen Clapsaddle Vintage Christmas Postcard!

Gorgeous Vintage Postcard!

I hope you all love these vintage images as much as I do, and I can hardly wait for your comments and hopefully a few photos of your wonderful workings with the images!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

*~More Free Prints For You!!!~*

  Hello Everyone!  I am so excited to offer you another group of free images to enjoy and use in your very own creative projects!  I have been having all kinds of difficulties with my teeth lately and it has been hard to be creative and inspirational. Hard to focus on making pretty things when you are in such pain. But it will all be over soon as I am going to get a couple of the trouble makers pulled.
  Anyway, back to the free images. I love finding and sharing these awesome vintage images. I think it's so important for them to live on through our artwork, scrapbooks and various creations. I'm so very thankful to be able to share them with all of you and get such wonderful inspiration from the pretties you create! I haven't gotten any photos recently of your pretties to share here on the blog.
    Remember I love to see and share what you make so don't be me photos and descriptions and I will share them here. If you're selling the items it will be a bit of free advertising for you as well because I can put a link to the item for you! My email is
Lovely Antique Bride Print

Sweetest Angel Print

Vintage Halloween Postcard Print

Maud Humphrey Winter Girl

Beautiful 18th Century French Fashion
  To save the images just click on them to enlarge, then right click to "save as" and save them to your own files for multiple uses. Hope you enjoy them and find lots of wonderful reasons to make beautiful things!!! Blessings to you all!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

*~~More Freebies For You!!!~~*

I'll bet your ready for a few more freebies! It's that time! I hope you enjoy these and put them to beautiful artistic use! I only ask that you do not resell the images as they are presented here in any print, digital, collage, or fabric block form. You may alter the images in any way and reuse them in items that you sell as many times as you like. Hope you like them!
   Simply click on the image to enlarge it, then right click to "save as" into your own file! Remember I love it when you share with me and my blog family the pretties you make using the images so email photos of your creations and a brief description to Look forward to hearing from you! Also leave a comment if you save the image!!! I like to know you can use the images I share!

Enjoy the images and come back soon ya hear!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

~~**Some of my pretties past & present**~~

Just want to share with you some of J.Rae's Shabby Cottage Designs creations both past and present...Hope you enjoy! Remember with Christmas coming up in only a few months it's time to start thinking about unique one of a kind gifts for our loved ones. I love to create your custom keep J.Rae's in mind when planning for the holidays... for more info on pricing and designs (Skies the limit, I love a challenge to make something new and different) comment here or email me at

Thursday, August 16, 2012

  I thought I would share my latest custom designed pillow with you! I made 2 of these alike for a very sweet lady! The pillows feature a lovely vintage postcard print of sweet birds on a branch of beautiful vibrant flowers. The colors in this print are amazing. The fabric block is available in my ebay store J.Rae's Shabby Cottage Designs, there's a link to the right.
   I just love creating special items for people and can make pillows, sachets, placemats, desk mats, quilts and more using any of my blocks. I can also take your cherished family photos and transfer them onto special washable treated fabric for you to use in your own projects of make something for you if you don't like to sew.
   This pillow turned out so pretty and I hope you enjoy the photos. If you would like me to make something special just for of a kind creations just contact me at


Saturday, June 23, 2012

*~~Some New Freebies For You~~*

   I'll just bet you're all ready for some new freebies; well here they are! Just left click to enlarge the image, then right click to save as! Remember I ask that you now sell the images as they are in their current state. Do not sell prints, digital prints, collage sheets containing the images, of fabric blocks. Feel free however, use the images in any altered art form in craft projects etc for resell in forums such as etsy, artfire, ebay. Use as many times as you like for your own personal use as well.
  I would love to see the items you create using the images so please email any neat pics along with a brief description to I'll post them here on my blog for a little free advertising if you are selling or just to display the pretties you make for you own use to all my followers for their enjoyment!
Happy crafting! Blessings n hugs, Julie
Harrison Fisher Beauty

Vintage Postcard Cutie

Png file w transparent background!

Pretty little girl w daisy chains!

Sweet Vintage Valentine!