Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jay-n-Julie on Their Wedding Day

You'll have to excuse this photo, it was taken from a scrapbook page from our wedding album. This is me and my gorgeous hubby on November 9th, 2002 when we got married.
We had an "old hippie" wedding...which I just loved!!! I put on our invitations for everyone to come wearing blue jeans! It was a great!!!
We have both since cut our long hair and changed our Hippie ways...LOL. Jay is still stuck in the 70's as far as modern technology is concerned. He hates cell phones, and the only thing he can do on the computer is play his hunting game.
His hair was so long it fell down past the middle of his waist, and it was just gorgeous with blond ringlets cascading down... I could only dream of having hair that pretty. He cut it the first summer after we moved to Arkansas because the heat and humidity with that long hair was pretty unbearable. His hair was so pretty that I literally cried the day he cut it. We were friends for 18 years before we ever even dated. My uncles were his older brothers best friends from when they were kids 'til now. So our families have been friends since the 60's. Now we have a love & friendship that will last forever!!!

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