Sunday, May 23, 2010

*~*Todays Free Images For You*~*

Please feel free to save these images that I am sharing with you! I ask only a couple of things from you in return for the images! Please DO NOT reproduce them as they are and sell as prints (digital or on forms of paper) or prints on fabric (fabric blocks). Thank you for respecting this request!!!
My intention in sharing them here with you is for you to use them in creative projects. Pillows, sachets, decorated boxes, altered art, scrapbooking...etc. If we use them to sell as prints or fabric blocks then the images are out there for every one to reproduce and use and it makes them less special.
One more request is to please send me pics and a brief description of your creations, or a link to a blog post featuring the item or items you create using the free images. I would love to share them with my blog followers! I would also appreciate if you save an image please leave me a comment so I know you stopped by! Thank you!!!
Sweet Little Tuck Girl
Just click on image to enlarge, then right click to "save as".

Beautiful Vintage Valentine Postcard! 

Adorable Vintage Christmas Postcard!
Lovely Classic Painting of Mother & Child!
 Pretty Vintage Image Girls In Horse Drawn Carriage!

Click on the images to enlarge them, and then right click to "save as". Please remember to send photos or links to your creations using my images with a brief description to I would love to show off you creations!!!!!! Please DO NOT reproduce these as digital images, prints, or fabric blocks for resale! I have no problem with you making and selling creative items as mentioned above with the images!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wonderful Creation by Wickedly Divine Creations Using Fabric Blocks That I Sell!!!

I simply must share the lovely offerings from Wickedly Divine Creations with you! The Alice In Wonderland images are available in ebay store for sale! I just wanted to share with you some of the things that others make with my images.
This is a wonderful block she has made using one of the Alice Prints on fabric that I offer in my ebay store.
Ohhhh my goodness how I love this little doll Shelley has simply must visit her blog and see her wonderful creations!!!
I just love love love this fairy doll that Shelley from WickedlyDivineCreations has made! Stunning craftsmanship and wonderful details!!! Visit her blog at:
You won't be disappointed at all the lovely things to see there!!! 

Thank You to RobynsArtDesigns! More Free Images Thanks To Her Kindness!!!

Here is a sweet little Maud Humphrey print of the Boston Tea Party! Simply click on the image to enlarge it, then right click to "save as". Remember to leave me a comment if you save an image. I would just love to know who is using them to create wonderful things!  Also, please send pics of your creations to so that I can share your lovelies with my blog followers!
Oh my goodness I simply adore vintage and antique colorized photos!!! This one is one of the neatest ones I have found & I simply HAD to share it with you! If you use this special pic to create something PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me photos to share! My email address is in various locations throughout my blog!!
Here is a precious vintage baby greeting card from the 1950's. I wish they made cards and postcards like they used to. They had so much more charm and character....and sweet innocence!!!
 I just love this vintage Valentine Postcard. The Aqua in her little dress with the soft yellow roses is just so pretty!
This is a lovely vintage print featuring a beautiful lady and big red roses!
Remember to click on the image to enlarge it, then right click to "save as". If you use any of my free images to create projects please send photos and a brief description to so I can share them here on my blog!
I only ask that you do not sell the prints in any form other than made into projects. Please do not include them in digital CD's for sale, as single prints for sale, or fabric blocks for sale! Thank you for respecting that request!!! Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!

Wonderful Creations Using My Free Images by RobynArtDesigns

  I am so very excited to be presenting the very first pics of projects created by RobynArtDesigns from the use of some of my free images. If you head on over to her blog these precious decorated boxes are for sale. Simply click on the link and you'll be right there at Robyn's wonderful blog!!!
This adorable box was made with such love and beautiful creativity using a lovely old calendar ad by Maud Humphrey! It's just adorable! I love use of the yo-yo's and the rickrack. You simply must visit her blog. The link is at the top!
 This is the second box created by RobynArtDesigns! This one features a lovely old singer sewing machine ad. These boxes are just so neat, prefect for storing your crafting items!! Please go over to Robyn's blog and check it out! Thank you to Robyn for generously sharing her special project with us!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Concerning The Free Images I Have Been Sharing With You!!!

   I started sharing vintage images with all of you to use in creative projects for personal use or for sale. I did not ever intend for them to be sold as prints that can easily be reproduced and spread all over the place.  I have recently discovered that some of the images I have shared here with you for use in your creative projects have been listed for sale as prints or fabric blocks. My intention is and has always been for these images to be used in altered art, pillows, sachets, quilts, etc. Actual creations and not just taken and used to sell prints and fabric blocks.
  Because of this, I am actually thinking about not sharing any more of my special images. I have also stated with each set of 5 images I have been giving away to please send me pics of your creations so that I can share your wonderful works with my blog followers. No one has sent me anything so far. 
   I ask that if you save an image that you use it for creative purposes and not to just sell as a print or image on fabric. I also ask that you share pics of your creations with me and my blog followers by emailing to This would also be a way to advertise your creative talents at no cost to you!!!
  One more request...please if you save my free images leave me a quick comment...even if it is just a sweet hello!!! I would love to know you stopped by and enjoy getting the free images.
  I don't mind if you sell the items you have created using the images...just ask that you don't sell the images themselves in any form such as digital download, print on paper or fabric...etc.
 Thank you for understanding. I hope to be able to share more images with you soon!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

**~A Sweet Selection Of Free Images For You~**

  I am so pleased to be able to share a few more images with you. If you would like to save them simply click on them to enlarge and then right click to save! This is a mixed bag of images. No theme to this set just a few random selections! Hope you enjoy them and leave a comment if you save the images. I just love to hear from you!!!
None of you have sent me pics of projects that you have created using the images I have shared here yet!!! Please please please send photos of finished projects with a brief bit of info about it to so that I may share you work here on my blog!!!!
This is a wonderful Image from Lewis Carrol's Alice In Wonderland illustrated by Sir John Tenniel. This is the White Rabbit we all know and love.
So pleased to share this adorable image with you. This funny baby has fallen on the puppy dog....oooopsy!!!

A lovely vintage Valentine Card...beautifully ornate with a Victorian beauty featured!

Here is a precious little boy sleeping all cuddled up with his new puppy.

For your consideration is a sweet little Kewpie running with a chicky and a froggy! Toooo Cute!!
Please feel free to use the images in any way you wish but please send me photos of your work to share and advertise for you. my email addy is
Also, please post a comment if you save any of the images in a group. I would love to know you stopped by. If I don't see any interest in what I am doing here I will have to stop sharing the images and move on to something please I need your feedback, and your photos of creative projects to share! Thank you for stopping in and have a wonderfully blessed day!!!!