Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Concerning The Free Images I Have Been Sharing With You!!!

   I started sharing vintage images with all of you to use in creative projects for personal use or for sale. I did not ever intend for them to be sold as prints that can easily be reproduced and spread all over the place.  I have recently discovered that some of the images I have shared here with you for use in your creative projects have been listed for sale as prints or fabric blocks. My intention is and has always been for these images to be used in altered art, pillows, sachets, quilts, etc. Actual creations and not just taken and used to sell prints and fabric blocks.
  Because of this, I am actually thinking about not sharing any more of my special images. I have also stated with each set of 5 images I have been giving away to please send me pics of your creations so that I can share your wonderful works with my blog followers. No one has sent me anything so far. 
   I ask that if you save an image that you use it for creative purposes and not to just sell as a print or image on fabric. I also ask that you share pics of your creations with me and my blog followers by emailing to jraeburk@gmail.com. This would also be a way to advertise your creative talents at no cost to you!!!
  One more request...please if you save my free images leave me a quick comment...even if it is just a sweet hello!!! I would love to know you stopped by and enjoy getting the free images.
  I don't mind if you sell the items you have created using the images...just ask that you don't sell the images themselves in any form such as digital download, print on paper or fabric...etc.
 Thank you for understanding. I hope to be able to share more images with you soon!!!


  1. Hi Julie, I just want to thankyou for sharing your lovely images. I hope you don't stop doing so. I've just finished creating some decorated boxes using your images. They are for sale at present on my blog. I'll hope you'll pop over and take a look and let me know what you think. Many thanks once again. Robyn xx

  2. Hi Julie,
    Thankyou very much for being kind & generous for sharing your beautiful images.
    At this time I have not used any of your art work. Hopefully when I get around to it I will remember you.
    I am a new scrapbooker but have been admiring alot amazingly talented people for a long time.
    I hope that people respect your requests and that you get to see the beautiful work done with your images.
    Thank you very much.