Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Looking Forward to the Springtime!!!

I am so excited for spring this year. So many projects I would love to get completed. We have plans to "shabby cottage chic" my kitchen. I have chosen a very soft pink for the walls, and antique white with an aging treatment on my cabinets,and mounted in the center of each cabinet door there with be a framed print of vintage pink roses. We have collected many of the antique crystal/glass doorknobs and those will be my kitchen cabinet knobs. We have also acquired some old barn wood that will be whitewashed and then laid down as my countertops with heavy coats of lacquer on top to protect the wood.I saw this done on a home improvement show and it was beautiful! Hoping to get a new farmhouse styled sink as well. New hard wood flooring to top it all off!
I have this vision of it my head and can hardly wait until it is completed. I just know it will be beautiful.
Outdoors will be fun too this flowers and new flower beds. I plant something new every year. Annuals and perennials all around. We have started a brick walkway that leads from the house to the shed, and want to continue it out to the firepit. We want to make a big circle of the bricks around the firepit and have seating around that as well. Along the sides of the brick pathway I want to plant all sorts of perennials. Delphiniums, floxglove, and more of my favorites like bleeding hearts and lily of the valley. It will be lovely!
These are just a few of many reasons I am so looking forward to springtime and the warmer weather it brings. Just to open up the windows and let the breezes blow through the house will be just wonderful and so refreshing!!!


  1. I read in your comments to Pat that you hope to have rose prints on your kitchen cabinets. I have hand painted roses on my kichen cabinets and have had them for about 10 years. I have never gotten tired of them and still enjoy them..I love your beautiful flowers on your blog. I live in the desert of So. Ca. and am surrounded by mountains. We cannot grow beautiful flowers like you do. Like today - we will be 81 degrees. You have a wonderful spring and good luck on your kitchen remodeling. It looks to me like you are blessed to live in beautiful surroundings.


  2. You have a wonderful flower garden yard!!! I really like your blog. I am trying to visit some since I joined Arkansas Bloggers! CarolH :)