Thursday, December 2, 2010

**~MyEarthlyTreasures Canned Pumpkin Bread Recipe!!!~**

Ohhhhhh my my my! My Aunt Patty is a wonderful cook and a delightfully sweet lady! I was chatting with her today when she told me she is selling this amazingly neat recipe on Etsy. It is for CANNED PUMPKIN BREAD!!  It is actually baked right in the canning jar and seals so it will last a long long time! What wonderful homemade gifts this would make for that special someone!!  You could decorate the jars with fabric and would be just lovely and what a special treat!!! The recipe is also available for a wonderful CANNED APPLE BREAD  as well and is only $2.50 in her etsy shop myearthlytreasures. Here is a gorgeous pic of how it turns out!!!
     Just imagine how pretty the jars will look all decorated for Christmas gifts!! It's also really neat that this bread is canned so that as long as the seal is not broken it will last and last. Make some up ahead and bring it out, slice it when you have unexpected company. Wonderful served with hot tea too!!! Just visit my Aunt's etsy shop for this very inexpensive recipe and wonderful & unique gift idea!!!

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