Thursday, March 18, 2010

**~*My New Passion Is Designing and Setting Up Blogs*~**

     My goodness I have caught some sort of blog fever! Since I started setting up blogs for people and designing headers and logos and other little details I can't seem to get enough of it!!!
   I'm having so much fun with it that I am contacting relatives and asking if  they want to trade this or that service for me to make them a blog...LOL  
I've lost it to blogging!  It has become my latest passion...or maybe obsession..whatever it may be I am loving every second of it and getting wonderful feedback! Who knew it could be so much fun! Every time I finish one I try to find someone that wants another one!
  So if you know anyone looking for blog set up and design services, I would love to help and I have very very reasonable rates for custom work!!
Just contact me by leaving a blog comment or emailing me at

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