Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thank Goodness Spring Is Here!!! HURRAY!!!!!

This is an amazing site we get to see while standing at our kitchen sink.... just across the road at our neighbors place. Last year I could not resist but to go get pictures of this lovely wisteria. It always has me in awe each and every year....the beauty of it and each intricate little flower on each draping group just overwhelms my senses. The color is so wonderfully beautiful fading from dark purples into lighter is just breathtaking.
This particular plant seems that it has been growing here for at least 30 years..It is a massive plant....God's beautiful creations never cease to amaze me...can you imagine the beauty awaiting us in heaven???
My sweet hubby and I love this wisteria so much that we just had to have some. So last year we bought a gorgeous antique arbor that has a wonderful patina to the old painted iron with rusty red bleeding thru the antique chippy white paint. We placed it just at the entrance of our raised garden spot where we grow our veggies every year.
I was told it may take a few years before the wisteria would bloom...but God has blessed us this year with 5 or 6 blooms coming out on it....I will get a picture of it when it has bloomed and share it with my blog friends.

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