Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Happy Gardening!!!!!

This is my happy happy hubby Jay with his bright shiny new garden spreader and brand spanking new rototiller!!! He is obviously in his element prepping our raised garden area that we put in a couple of years ago just for our garden every year.
As I mentioned in my previous blog, last year I did a salsa garden and canned lots of homemade salsa.. my own special recipe!!! Mmmmmmm YUMMY!!! This year we decided on lots of neat yummy veggies to freeze and can and of course eat as much of it fresh as we can. We are planting corn, big and cherry tomatoes, green beans, turnips, carrots, acron and zucchini squashes, sweet banana & green bell peppers, cabbage and broccoli. I can hardly wait to try all the fresh cooked delights I will create in the kitchen with these wonderful home grown yummies!!!
This is definitely a real treat for me because the most I had ever grown myself as an adult is tomatoes. My hubby has taught me so much about gardening, and it is the biggest joy to watch him at can see by the pics he has fun with it all!!!
He gets this gleam in his eyes and a child like enthusiasm ... it is a real kick to watch him!!! This is the first home he has ever owned, so he is so happy to have his own ground to plant whatever he wants in, and an old house that we are slowly fixing up to be just the way we want it....we both just love old vintage things, and this old house was built in the 1940's so we are having a ball with redoing it and still keeping the integrity of the era it was built in.

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