Saturday, April 26, 2008

A New Type of Special Order I am doing now!!!

Here is a new type of special orders I have been doing lately. I had a request from a very sweet lady to create pillows for her two beautiful baby girls. They have the prettiest names, and they are so so sweet and just precious!
I very much enjoyed designing the graphics and them making these special pillows. Their Mother liked them so much that she wanted me then to create two more pillows for her boys.
These were fairly large pillows and I would love to create more of them for anyone who would like to have a special personalized pillow for anyone special in their lives. The price for these custom graphics pillows made with gorgeous fabrics in your color choices, and of course beautiful vintage chenilles is $25 each with $8.50 Priority Mail Shipping.
To order your pillow simply email me at, or leave a blog comment for me.

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