Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More of My Wonderful Gardens

I love hunting for treasures to decorate my gardens. Most of my items are found in flea markets and yard sales, a few of them are even rescued from people that are going to throw them out. The flowerpot is in a plant stand that one of our neighbors was getting rid of...it was missing the top holder, so we flipped it upside down and planted it in the ground and added the flowerpot with the cute little bird drinking from the faucet figurine...one of my yard sale treasures. The sweet little rustic birdhouse planter was at an outdoor flea market. We have a lot of those in our area. I planted some sort of a little plant in there that dies off in the winter..but seems to come back every spring as soon as I add water. It flowers with little tiny yellow star shaped blossoms, and it dangles down out of the little planter. Of course my potted bleeding hearts are always a wonderful display. I have them planted in various locations around my back yard...but none of them do as well as the potted one that I moved to Arkansas with me from Oregon.

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