Saturday, June 2, 2012

   I am so disappointed that for right now I can't have the beautiful inspirational Christian music on my blog. Playlist has decided to start a new website in which you can no longer share you playlist on your own websites. SO, I am in search of another site that has something similar to what Playlist used to be. A lot of people are complaining already and letting Playlist know they have made a mistake and leaving their site to find others that will allow us to share! I've been using Playlist for at least 2-3 years and it came as quite a surprise that they did this.
   So many times I just logged into my blog and listened to my playlist as I was doing my housework, and I know that you, my precious followers enjoyed it as well. I am so sorry for this development, but will be searching for a new musical venue to share here on my blog. If anyone knows of one, or how I can add at least one great song to my blog please send me info to or leave me a comment here! Thanks so much and God Bless You each and every one!
  Update: Well I found another music sharing site, but it doesn't allow the embedding of most of the songs I love. I did manage to find a few very uplifting songs though! I hope you enjoy them as you are browsing my blog!


  1. It's a great shame re Playlist - but doesn't surprise me. They don't seem to consider their customers at all - as a UK visitor, so many times my computer has been frozen and my screen just hung (for up to 5 minutes at a time) while Playlist decides that, due to copyright restrictions, their music can't play outside the US. Yet there's no trouble with MixPod! Very strange...

    I do sincerely wish you luck in finding another music channel that will have the music you love - and also let you play it on your blog.

    Have you tried I've found artists on there that I couldn't find on MixPod.

    1. Hi Susie, Thank you for your comment re Playlist. I will try checking both MixPod and Thanks so much for the information, it's greatly appreciated!
      Blessings, Julie