Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cute Little Custom Special Order Mini Kewpie Quilt

Here is another of my special order requests. A wonderful customer asked me if I could make a little quilt with a few of my fabric blocks that she chose. Well now, this was a project I had not done before...but I love a new project and a new challenge!
I used two beautiful shabby cottage inspired Mary Rose fabrics along with the 4x5 sized prints from my fabric blocks that I have listed for sale on ebay. the back is made from a vintage ivory colored chenille.
If you are interested in having a mini quilt made from any of the fabric blocks I have listed for sale either on Etsy or ebay....please contact me for more information by leaving a comment on my blog or emailing me @ Prices will vary depending upon size, fabrics and prints you choose. I can also make any photos or prints that you already have into pillows, sachets or one of these adorable little quilts. This little quilt measured approximately 22" x 22". Just click on the images to view it larger!!!


  1. OH sweetie it is so so cute!! As always you do such a good job for all you make items for!! Much Love, Jonnie

  2. Very nice. I thought you might like to hear about this great FREE giveaway and easy rules. Ends Sunday.

  3. Came across your page while looking specifically for Kewpies. The quilt is adorable. But I must say I truly enjoy the music you are using. Excellent. I will recomment your page to friends. Thank you.

  4. Same as above. But I have 6 small original Rose Oneill Kewpie panels in a felt like material and was surfing to see if I could find anything on them with no results. I love your website and the music makes you want to stay and listen forever!! I love Todd Agnew.
    You are in my favorites as of now! God Bless
    I'll leave my email if you could tell me anything about panels.