Thursday, February 26, 2009

Primitive Antique Quilt Hanging Heart Sachet

Sold on Ebay!
I just love the way this one turned out. I used remnants from an Antique hand stitched and hand sewn quilt to create this cutie. I sewed it up the old fashioned way by hand with pink thread. I added a lots of silk, millinery style, and satin ribbon roses. I also used pearly glass beads and a Vintage hand crocheted doily to finish this one off. I just love the uniqueness of this one...And it is the ultimate in shabby cottage chic. Stuffed with the highest quality polyester filling and REAL French lavender buds that have been further enhanced with just the right amount of 100% PURE lavender & vanilla essential oils for a lovely scent. My payments are made thru the very safe and secure can use your existing PAYPAL account or a new credit or debit card. I never ever see your credit information as it is done strictly through PAYPAL.

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