Saturday, January 24, 2009

Here are some of my latest creations for Valentines Day & just for fun!!! This one features the sweetest Kewpie print. The sweetie is hugging her dolly that seems to have been placed in the repair basket.
This one has the most beautifully colored vintage Brundage postcard image of a dutch couple complete with wooden shoes and gorgeous costumes.

Ohhhh I love the way this set turned out!!! I used a vintage Ellen Clapsaddle postcard image to create this matching pillow and lavender sachet/door hanger set. I can do custom orders with any print you may have or any from my collection of over 800 prints...For more info and prices just email me at

Another sweet pillow set featuring that gorgeous Brundage Postcard witjh the dutch couple... I guess I must be one of my faves with it's amazing coloring and crisp clear image. I also sell fabric blocks on ebay if you are interested in making your own pillows email me at the above email addy for more info!!!

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