Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I just had to update you on the progress of our raised garden area in the backyard!!!
Earlier I shared with you my happy happy hubby tilling it up and amending the soil with all kinds of wonderful things!
We are already starting to harvest zucchini and it won't be long we will be eating a fresh mess of green beans and tomatoes too! The zucchini plants are bigger than I have ever seen them and the veggies seem to grow big over night.

This is an amazing old bench the we actually rescued from someones junk pile. This is just as we found it with it's wonderful patina and chippy old paint. When i saw it on the junk heap I told Jay I just HAVE to have that for our I just coated it with layers and layers of clear spray paint to prevent further damage and prevent deeper rusting. I cannot imagine throwing this awesome treasure in the dump!!!!

This is our beautiful and quite treasured foxglove. We have tried for 3 years to plant and grow this amazing flower!!! Finally this year we must have picked just the right spot for it because it did not take it long to shoot up this wonderful bloom!!!! I am so so excited to have this in my yard!!!!! I love it because in Oregon where we moved from 6 years ago, it grows wild along side the road and in the forests there on the way to the Oregon Coast!!!
It is a biennial..which I am not quite sure what that means...if any of you know what biennial means could you please send me a note to or just leave me a blog comment!!! Thanks so much!!! Hope you all have a very blessed day!!!!!

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